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Sportsman's Tips
Sportsman's tips for preparing your game for preservation.
The way you treat your specimen will influence the finished product.

Fish preparation tips
1. Do not gut or cut the fish.
2. Wrap the fish in plastic film and or a wet towel.
3. Place wrapped fish and plastic bag and close tightly.
4. Freeze solid as soon as possible.

Game Heads
( Cape behind the shoulder!)
* Do not cut any hairs
* Never slit the throat.

1. Cut hide in a circle  around the animal's mid-section.
2. Cut a circle around the front legs- 1 inch above the knee.
3. Slit hide up The Back side of each front leg and thus
    connect circle cuts # and #2 . Follow the hair line.
4. Roll hide up neck in a sock while skinning.
5. Cut off head behind the ears so as to separate
    the meat from the head and cape.
Keep the hide cool and clean and dry or freeze.


Liz Scott Owner Battery Street Taxidermy
Graduate of The
American Institute of Taxidermy

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